Book Review: “The Martian” by Andy Weir


Title: The Martian
Author: Andy Weir
Genre: Sci-fi
Number of Pages: Between 350 and 400

What happens when an author mixes in McGuyver, Cast Away and Apollo 13? You get The Martian. A sci-fi novel about a NASA astronaut’s story of survival on Mars after a dust storm forced his crew mates to leave thinking him dead. Armed by engineering skills, a background in botany and an unmatched sense of humor to keep him sane, Mark Watney tries his very best to make it on Mars until NASA rescues him.

Throughout the book, I kept rooting for Mark and more than once I felt the urge to scream and cheer him for his cleverness and wittiness. When something came up and fucked his plans, I felt a genuine fear for his life but after a while, I stopped worrying because no matter what, I knew he would make it.
Andy Weir didn’t just succeed in making a lovable, over the top character but he also made a clever use of science and mathematics to explain how exactly our astronaut made it on Mars. Besides, he pulled off a mixture of third and first person writing styles, something I’ve never seen in any book before.

It was an enjoyable read, exciting, funny and informative (Something you’d rarely find in a sci-fi work).
My verdict: 4,5/5


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