Book Review: “How I made $2.000.000 in The Stock Market” by Nikolas Darvas


Although Biographies are not my cup of tea, I wanted to read and review this book because a friend suggested it to me.

So, have you ever wondered how does a person make it in the stock market? I certainly did. After all, they didn’t just wake up to find themselves successful.

In How I Made $2.000.000 in Stock Market, Nikolas Darvas takes us on the journey that brought him from a dancer to a professional market investor. Through dedication, learning from mistakes and a keen mind, Darvas surpassed all obstacles and climbed his way up the ladder of success. He even wrote about how he came up with the box theory.

The book was fast paced and tightly packet, and you’ll find that it’s usefulness could be a bit limited for those reasons. For me, I didn’t take the book seriously and it was more of an entertainment rather than reading it for educational purposes.

The book was certainly a delight to read and I recommend it for those looking for an inspiration.



  1. Excellent, will add this to my summer reads lis! Thanks!


    1. You’re welcome! Stick around for more reviews.


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