Book Review: “The Heroes” By the Lord of Grimdark, Joe Ambercrombie.

For glory, for victory, for staying alive.

The Heroes Book Cover

The Heroes is a neatly done dark fantasy novel set in the world of The First Law trilogy by Joe Ambercrombie.

The events revolve around a three days battle or a race between the Northmen (Presumably the norse like people) and the Union (Which I couldn’t stop imagining as England in the Medieval ages) over the dominion of a hill called The Heroes.

Don’t let the title of the book mislead you. Surely, we get a number of characters from which we see the events evolve. But, in war, there are no real heroes, nor real romances of chivalry or noble glories. War is a grim, gritty and unforgiving affair and Ambercrombie did more than an immense job of painting for us the horrors of it, mostly by introducing some of the extremely realistic set of characters I’ve ever encountered in a book, you won’t help but genuinely love or hate. You get to read about the coward, the selfish, the immoral, the greedy, the brave, the fool and everything you’d expect from veterans or new recruits alike.

Another thing the author excels in is making the fight scenes so intense, you wouldn’t be able to stop biting your nails right through. We get to see both sides of the conflict and literally feel like a part of the whole ordeal.

The book is gripping, captivating, intense and dark that no one should miss on reading.


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